Confederate Heritage … or White Supremacy?

Andy Hall offers a rather interesting take on the thoughts of Connie Chastain’s good friend, Dr. Michael Hill of the League of the South.  As for Connie herself, over at her Dixie-baiting-baiting site, she offers a variation on another familiar white supremacist theme:

… it would be interesting to see the crime stats for these states broken down by race. Most of the the “most peaceful” ones are real, real white. Most of the the most violent ones have very large minority populations … hummmmm…

Gee, Connie, what’s your point?

I have no idea why Connie Chastain distances herself from Hunter Wallace.  I’m sure he’d cite the same statistic.  At least Wallace states forthrightly what he believes: Chastain confuses coyness with cowardice.

Maybe she’s trying to get back into his good graces.