“Evilizing” and Other Ironies

I must admit to being bemused and amused at the repeated chanting I hear from cyberspace Confederate heritage advocates that a group of Civil War bloggers are out to “evilize” the South, (white) southerners, and the Confederacy. The advocates of this position assert it so many times that I have no choice but to believe that they think it is true. That they do so seems bizarre and more than a little pathetic. It also seems more than a little ironic, since a reading of their discussion groups and websites suggest that they are the ones interested in making moral judgments and “evilizing” “the North,” northerners (all of them), the NAACP, and anyone else who disagrees with them, including fellow white southerners. This pathological projection of their own emotional state onto others is amazing to behold and astonishing in its extent.

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