Sports Night on the Confederate Flag

One of my favorite shows was Sports Night, a rendering of ESPN by Aaron Sorkin, who’s better known for such shows as West Wing and movies such as A Few Good Men.  The cast was pretty good–you’ll recognize several faces–and the writing was usually sharp.  Here’s one example:

Yes, I own the complete series on DVD.

The Curse of Peggy Strikes Twice

We are currently in the middle of the Stanley Cup final, which pits Snooki and Jersey Shore against Kim and all those Kardashians.  Yes, that matchup is not quite the one recently featured on a television station, although some of us can dream:


However, I alerted all of you to the curse of Peggy, featuring Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins (the 2011 champions) and Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks (the 2010 champions).

I can now report that the curse continues.  Mr. Kane, who is well known for assaulting cabbies, drinking, and being photographed having … a good time, decided to pursue his offseason activities in Madison, Wisconsin, home of the University of Wisconsin, where the beer is cheap and the town is … fun.  Here’s the result.

Oh, my.

And then comes word that Mr. Thomas, who John Foskett would like to ship to my New York Islanders in exchange for a skilled forward … did someone say John Tavares? … might sit out next season, having already moved the family to Colorado.  Thomas has had a tough year: having stiffed the President of the United States by not showing up at the White House for a ceremony honoring the Bruins based on his politics, Thomas surrendered the series-winning goal in overtime to … the Washington Capitals, who were clearly out for blood (and who have several Russians among their leading stars, demonstrating that Commies stick together nowadays).

I warned you.

Once upon a time, of course, there was no curse of Peggy.  In fact, there was no Discover Card.  Who was the last American team to win the Stanley Cup before the introduction of the Discover Card?

We’ll be back.