News and Notes, June 6, 2012

More news of interest to readers of this blog.

  • Fascinating new find announced: the notes of Dr. Charles Leale about his treatment of a wounded president.
  • Want to take a look at Fort Moultrie, South Carolina?  Now you can.
  • More opinion on the Flaggers’ activity in Fredericksburg last Memorial Day weekend.
  • Some very sad news … Carl R. Schenker, a frequent commenter on this blog, passed away at the end of May.  Carl and I never met, but we often corresponded.  A lawyer, he had developed an intense interest in the American Civil War, focusing on the lives and careers of Ulysses S. Grant and William T. Sherman.  Never willing to accept the standard story, he proceeded to dig diligently to discover what really happened, regardless of where that quest led him.  He published some of his findings in various outlets, and was at work on still more when he died.  I know other people who frequent this blog will miss him; I know I will.