Want to Learn More About the Red Shirts?

You can do so right here …

This begs the question: were the Red Shirts a paramilitary organization, a white supremacist terrorist group, or simply freedom fighters determined to restore home rule?  You tell me what you think.

As we approach the anniversary of the Hamburg Massacre in 1876, perhaps it is good to remember that the fighting didn’t end in 1865.

PCN Coverage of Gettysburg Battlewalks

If you would like to sample Pennsylvania Cable Network’s coverage of NPS Ranger battlewalks of the battle of Gettysburg, click here for a live feed.

On July 5, at 9 AM EDT, PCN will air a taping of my talk at Gettysburg College’s Civil War Institute.  As this is listed under “Public Affairs,” it may not be part of the new PCN subscription service (which commences on July 5), but I don’t know yet.  Here’s that schedule, with other CWI sessions also being covered.