A Southern Nationalist on Lincoln’s “Treason”

Please try to read the following.  I say “try to read” because there will be some places where you will simply want to give up.

The denials of the Lincoln treason, the invasion of any state by the US government is unlawful and treason under the US Constitution’s Article III,
Section III, begin in stages.

The first denial is, “well, the seceded states were no longer in the United States, so the invasion was lawful”. Of course, that’s not how the Constitution operates. The Constitution binds the US government by the fact that it is what created the US government. Further, the restriction found in Article III makes no reference to whether a state is in or out of the United States Constitutional compact of states. Last, Lincoln continuously maintained that no secession was lawful, note that there’s no law in America then or now that prevents secession by any state, and therefore all of the states were still in the United States. That means that he was bound by Article III by his own words.

The next level of denial is, “the seceded states attacked the United States fort in Charleston Harbor, you started the shooting”. Of course, anyone familiar with the facts knows this to be ludicrous. The United States army invaded Fort Sumter (in violation of a written agreement not to do so), which had never had troops assigned to it, after South Carolina seceded and reclaimed the land on which the fort stood. That Fort Sumter belonged to South Carolina was never in dispute. After that unlawful invasion, the United States committed an additional, second act of war by attempting to land 300 troops and munitions in January, 1861. Finally, after Lincoln took office in March, a flotilla of 8 warships with 1400 United States army troops entered Charleston Harbor with the intent of reinforcing their illegal invasion to prevent our recovery of our property. THEN, and only then, did South Carolina open fire. Therefore, the claim of a Confederate first act of war is shown to be a lie.

The last argument is always, “well, un, SLAVERY”. Of course that’s not relevant to the fact that the United States invaded the lawfully seceded states in any way, Lincoln’s own words and the Corwin Amendment are stoppers for this line, so I’ll go no further with it.

The southern bashing sites continue to attempt to justify Lincoln’s treason and the murders of nearly one million people and the wanton, illegal destruction of private property all across the south. To them, I raise the single digit salute.

I have always wondered why certain people construct strawman arguments.  Perhaps it is the only way they can appear to be intelligent … at least to themselves.  This appears to me to be a prime example of such foolishness.  Perhaps this person also has a closet full of imaginary friends to help him sort out the voices in his head.