News and Notes, July 13, 2012

Coming to you from the Valley of the Sun …

  • A reminder of the lack of integrity shown by another southern “heritage” advocate.  Gary Adams is a repeat offender when it comes to plagiarism.  Funny that these folks steal from the very blogs that they claim to deplore.
  • As Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter makes it way to Blu-Ray, one hopes that we can bypass other tales that it has inspired, such as this.  I suspect that it will be those defenders of the Reconstruction Klan who will be most disturbed by what this implies about white southern manhood.
  • Remember John Jakes?  He was a master of the historical romance novel in the 1970s and 1980s.  Now his works are going to be made available as e-books, an ideal format for those who find cheap used paperback bookstores too much of an effort.  Watch:
    I think he just drove our favorite e-book novelist out of business.
  • Ethan Rafuse approves this message, too: