Blogosphere Banter

Andy Hall recently highlighted a rather strange post that appeared on the gift that keeps on giving. To quote the original:

Officers and members of SHPG,
The purpose of this post is to encourage each of you to stay away fom the blogs of our opposition. By going there you are actually funding their endevours because their advertisers pay them a percentage according to the amount of traffic they have. Their lies are infuriating, I know, but leaving them to their own devices will let them know that they are not affecting our goal of telling the truth of history and our ancestors. You cannot debate with a brainwashed idiot and you cannot seek to convert a fool. Let us focus on those who are interested in the truth that we can have an impact upon. God bless each of you for your desire to stand for truth and may we never waiver from that stand! Deo Vindice!

Clearly it’s been a slow summer.  As Mr. Stones so wisely observes, one cannot debate with a brainwashed idiot and one cannot seek to convert a fool.  Certainly I’ve never tried it with the majority of the membership, past and present, of that group.  But it is what followed in the comments section that offered cause for real amusement.

Sorry, but I absolutely disagree. The point is not to change your enemy to influence those who listen to your opponent. Look at the minorities who have made gains, were they quiet and bashful? Or were they constantly in your face? When you take them on, do it through positive statements of fact about the South. Don’t call them names, don’t use foul language. Keep your message short, succinct, positive and factual.

If only that were the case.

We need to focus on those we can draw into the Cause through sharing the truth. Going to these blogger’s sites to argue with them is only increasing their traffic and as such increasing their funding from their advertisers.

I’m still looking for that advertising.

They also discredit this page, They tell people to ignore us. Yep let their hit numbers slide and what do they do ? Attack SHPG, why ? It gets their page hits up and puts cash in their pockets !

Absolutely.  And guess where those increased hits come from?  Glad to see someone admits that what they post on the SHPG page is discredited.

Ironic that our page gets five to ten times the hits that any of their blogs get combined.

Setting aside the elegance of this sentence, how would anyone know?

I do think that there should be someone that does check on them and others that work against us in our fight to preserve our Heritage.

I’ve often felt that posting what appears on the SHPG is all I have to do to discredit what appears there.  The best thing those folks might do to promote “southern heritage” is to terminate the group.  It would be addition by subtraction.

We don’t need to attend every fight, every argument, every battle that we are invited to. Yes, someone should keep up and check them periodically, but just don’t post on a public forum. That’s exactly what they want us to do. Private message admin/officers with info or they can privately contact you and you can decide if it’s something the Action Group wants to take on. We need to keep our communication covert.

Ah, that’s the ticket!  Wait for the [In]action Group to “take on” those damnable bloggers!  Shhh.  It’s a secret.

I think just one person should be in charge of keeping an eye on them chosen by the Admins here with the name of that person kept secret. At this time the Action Group is making great strides in the education of our youth and is very selective about what projects it takes on. It does not deal or associate itself with the pettiness that we are speaking about.

I guess someone needs to take on the responsibilities once exercised by a former member of the group who derided the group’s ineffectiveness.  I’m sure the [In]action Group is doing great things, none of which we hear about.  Why?  Because it’s a secret.

I know many members and are friends with a good many more and we agree we should not individually be visiting the pages of the persons being discussed here. But one or two members should be investigating and most importantly they should be posting for the entire group to see. One should know It helps to know your enemy’s strategy, so you can better protect yourself; Sun Tzu emphasized the importance of positioning in military strategy. ….. If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself or If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the unknown. I have known at least 40 members who have left the group because you don’t seem to grasp the importance of doing just what I have outlined. I have almost quit participating myself, everyone feels the posts informative especially these by your officers but besides your action committee you have little offensive output. I know you will not listen to me but the majority of persons want and expect to see the gathered information posted here on the group page

Oh my.  There are cracks in the foundation.  There’s dissent in the ranks.  People are drifting away in disgust.

Now watch my hit count go up.  🙂