What One Southern Nationalist Believes

Pat Hines is an advocate for southern nationalism.  His comments can often be found at this blog, which advocates a southern nationalist perspective.  He’s also a good FB friend of our favorite fiction writer.  Let’s see what he has to say on her FB group, shall we?

There’s more than a dash of anti-Semitism in some of his comments:

A large percentage of anti-south rhetoric and activities are by Jews, particularly from the northeast, that hate Christians. Since the south is a bastion of Christianity in America, they reserve their nastiest venom for us.

What they don’t realize is the fact we’ve adopted a policy of confrontation. Words out here, extreme action in the public thoroughfare.

In short, we’re going to run all of these progressive/fascist thugs out of our land.

(By the way, our favorite fiction writer declares:   There is nothing in Pat’s comments that indicate stubborn and complete intolerance. He simply says that Levin’s south hating and probable Yankee Empire loving is common and pathetic. Nor are his comments prejudiced or hostile toward Jews.)


And then there’s this:

I’ve posted some information about the US government’s invasions of both Arkansas in 1957 and Mississippi in 1962, wherein we see our southern patriots out gunned by the US government agents that swarmed in both times.

Soon, we will see that sort of thing again, only this time we have equivalent firepower and the advanced planning on how to use it. We won’t be caught by surprise again.

The racist, anti-southern bigots that post to those sites are mostly outside the south, those that aren’t had better begin packing their bags.

Oh my.

And just in case you don’t understand what Mr. Hines means

We are confronting them, eventually, they’ll meet the same end that Julius Streicher met at the end of World War Two if they’re so foolish to remain in the south.


There’s some irony in the selection of Julius Streicher, a Nazi who was a noted antiSemite.  I’m wondering whether other southern nationalists would say this of Mr. Hines:  “Streicher was often viewed as volatile and mercurial by leading officials, however useful he proved as a purveyor of virulent and often prurient antisemitism to the German masses.”

But Mr. Hines doesn’t want you to think he’s violent.  Oh, no:

Oh, and one more thing. The notion that I’ve threatened violence is beyond silly.

I never threaten. I shows up at the enemy’s location, totally unannounced, and they cease to exist. I give no warning of any kind.

They just “cease to exist.”

Oh, by the way, Mr. Hines was the author of this little piece.

Interesting person … Mr. Pat Hines, southern nationalist.