A New Slogan for the “Southern Heritage” Movement?

Over at the gift that keeps on giving they’ve been discussing a proposal to come up with a new slogan for the “southern heritage” movement to replace “heritage, not hate.” As the original poster put it:

… I thought perhaps it is time for this group to come up with a better slogan for the Southern Heritage Movement.

Now that is not to say that I have anything against the old slogan: “Heritage Not Hate” since I agree with it and hold the truth of those worse close to my heart. However some have suggested that the slogan seemed a bit too “defensive” and I could sorta see that in a way. That being the case why not come up with a slogan that sounds more “offensive” the the sense of advancing our heritage?

The slogan should be a short one, maybe just a few words. It should be powerful, send the message that we are Southern, we are Confederate descendants, and we are proud and unapologetic for it.

Let’s see what inventive minds like ours can come up with?

Let’s help them out. What do you think the slogan of the SHPG should be? What do you think would be a good slogan for southern heritage (as opposed to “southern heritage”)?