Michael Hill’s South

For those of you interested in such things, here’s Michael Hill’s address to this past weekend’s League of the South meeting in Alabama:

Dr. Hill elaborated on his vision on the League’s Facebook page:

The League of the South should have as it primary objective the preservation of our people—kith and kin—on their ancestral lands. Independence will do the South little good if we fail to preserve ourselves as a distinct people group inhabiting a certain piece of Creation. Once we secure our future as “the Southern people,” then, and only then, can we be about the business of gaining our independence. Therefore, we support a return to a society and civilization based on allegiance to kith and kin rather than to an impersonal state wedded to multiculturalism, diversity, tolerance, the rights of man, and other similar leftist abstractions. The leaders and the rank-and-file of our organization must be hardliners who insist that quite apart from political ideals, we take our stand in the historic South and for the people—white Southerners–who made the historic South what it is. The South is not a universal idea anymore than, say, Scotland, France, or Serbia. Instead, the South was and is a true nation built on the realities of place and kinship that we must revitalize if we are to survive and prosper.

Note … white southerners.

It’s rather challenging for people accused of being “rainbow Confederates” to claim that they side with the League when the League rejects their pretenses to repudiate racism; indeed, the League now thinks that exercise is simply nonsense:

If you are a rainbow, politically correct “Southerner” who worries about being called “racist,” “xenophobe,” or any other epithet thrown at us by the left, then you don’t belong here. This Facebook page is for truly unreconstructed Southern nationalists. If you fit the description above and are not open to change, then you need to go elsewhere. You are not among compatriots here.

This change in professed position seems to be in reaction to the outbursts of a few so-called “rainbow Confederates” this past weekend.

I think you should take these people at their word.