When Worlds Collide ….

… you end up taking a tour with New York Islanders right wing Mike Bossy, an NHL Hall of Famer and four-time Stanley Cup champion, to … Paris and Normandy.

Now, I can recall Bossy doing things like this …

… but a tour of France, including Normandy?  And an optional Battle of the Bulge tour?  Something for everyone, I guess.


In Other News … July 29, 2012

I gather that the 2012 London Olympics are under way (I found this while channel-surfing between innings of the Yankees-Red Sox game on Friday).  I also gather that one of the short-term pop music sensations of the summer is the bubbly “Call Me Maybe.”

Here at Crossroads we want to keep you well-rounded and informed, and yet we do so with respect for your time in such a busy world, so we’d thought we’d introduce you to the US Olympic swim team’s rendering of the pop hit.

You’re right … you won’t find this on any other Civil War blog.  That is, until someone links to it, offers profound commentary, or simply rips off the idea.