Invoking Slavery in Today’s Politics

This should annoy some folks.

Over here we have someone comparing slavery to health care:

And here is a story about a Republican candidate for the United States Senate from Indiana who compares himself to Lincoln and invokes slavery and the sectional crisis as points of comparison.

But you can always use slavery to create compelling math problems for third graders, right?

h/t to the reader who sent me the image.

Welcome to the Blogosphere

Over the last several weeks we’ve had some new additions to the Civil War blogosphere.  One that shows some substance and staying power is Student of the American Civil War, Al Mackey’s attempt to come to grips with questions that he’s encountered as … wait for it … a student of the American Civil War.  Al’s one of those lifelong learners we hear about but don’t always see (as opposed to lifetime pontificators with very little learning).  A graduate of Virginia Tech, where none other than James Robertson introduced him to the serious study of the Civil War, Al has transcended his Hokie roots to offer assessments that are tough-minded and fair (keep in mind that this comes from a University of Virginia alum).  There are some other new blogs that I’ll highlight as they gain traction.  My only advice to Al: jazz up the blog’s name.  Make it something people ponder about.  And yes, “Crossroads” is taken.

Oh, and Connie Chastain has changed the title of her blog from 180 Degrees True South to Backsass, the same name as her Facebook group, where we find that she’s her most frequent commenter by a large margin.  She’s also broadened the definition of her targets (both the blog and the FB group are best understood as attack blogs) to encompass anyone who does not agree with her.  That should keep her busy.  Whether she will choose to comment in reply to her own blog postings to the same degree that she talks to herself on her FB group remains to be seen.

I recommend Al’s blog for informed discussion and Connie’s blog for comic relief.