Even More Desperation From Confederate Heritage Advocates

It appears I’ve struck a nerve with some Confederate Heritage advocates who are angry that I’ve highlighted what they try to pass off as history.

Tim Kent asserts that he has been grievously wronged, and that he could prove that I said what he says I said, only it’s my fault because I supposedly erased the exchanges.  In short, it’s my fault he doesn’t have the evidence he needs to support his claims of what I said, even when he quotes me.

I guess that’s what happens when folks like Mr. Kent write fiction, especially as I linked to the comment thread to which Mr. Kent refers … and that comment thread simply does not support his description of what I said. However, its existence proves that Mr. Kent’s a liar.

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More “History” From Confederate Heritage Advocates

Tim Manning shared this material with his friends at the League of the South FB discussion group.

GOVERNMENT BY ASSASSINATION: THE AMERICAN/USA WAY ~ Should Obama be elected for a second term it is likely that he will be assassinated for a host of reasons just as there was a host of reasons to NOT assassinate him during his first term. But remember, Americans do not assassinate their politicians, but elements within their government do. 25 Congressmen and other USA government officers were responsible for the shooting of Abraham Lincoln, not the Confederate government.

This record was discovered in 1960 in the coded Military Journal of Lafayette Baker, Lincoln’s head of the secret service (known as the National Detective Police and numbered just over 2,000 agents under Lincoln). The message of Baker who was also soon murdered was decoded and is now being read by some historians. The USA Sec. of War Edwin Stanton was also murdered shortly after the president refused to appoint him to the U.S. Supreme Court. He was found with his throat slashed by a straight razor which the USA government claimed was a suicide even though that was very unlikely.

When I was younger I found so much satisfaction in the assassination of Lincoln that I held Booth as a hero, but now I realise that there is more to learn about the extreme tyranny of the USA when it is understood “WHY” the top ranking members of the USA government and key industrial and banking entities planned and executed Lincoln’s murder. Little is learned from history when we do not have “The Rest of the Story” and we rarely have the rest of the story when we have strongly centralized governments. — The NOVA Institute (White Paper)

It’s heritage, not history.  Or at least not very good history.  Not even very good fiction (which is par for the course).