Gary Adams of the Southern Heritage Preservation Group Lies Again

It just didn’t take very long for Gary Adams, the pride of the SHPG, to lie again.  At least this time it’s funny.

Upset by this report, Adams decided to offer himself as an expert.  Really.

Hello, I am requesting permission to either be allow to submit a guest editorial or submit to a interview. I am a historian and could care less about flags, monuments and debates I am concerned about one thing “TRUTH”. 

I don’t think so.

Adams offered a rather muddled and semi-literate rendering of his understanding of the wonderful career of Nathan Bedford Forrest … recall he’s still upset about the controversy over a Forrest bust in Selma … before he once more posted his badly flawed essay about the Hampton Roads Conference.

That Adams continues to stumble along in ignorance of history is bad enough.  What’s truly astonishing is that his fellow members of the Southern Heritage Preservation Group don’t mind seeing their self-appointed spokesperson make a fool of himself.  This should prove useful in discrediting the SHPG’s efforts to influence what’s taught in the schools.  After all, the folks in Selma now know that Adams is incompetent as an authority on historical matters.  I’ll let you guess as to how that happened.

The best way for the SHPG and its “action group” … the Southern Historical and Heritage Preservation Group … to fail is to allow Gary Adams to continue to post what he thinks is history.  That will go far to discredit the group’s efforts.  Godspeed to them as they speed forward to disaster.