Liars and Fools at the Southern Heritage Preservation Group

I was amused but certainly not surprised when Kevin Levin revealed that members of the Southern Heritage Preservation Group, led by none other than famed plagiarist and fumbling Jeopardy fact-checker Gary Adams, had chosen to comment once more on something they knew nothing about … namely Kevin’s new book, Remembering¬†the Battle of the Crater: War as Murder.

One member of the group warns his fellow members:

I don’t know if some of you are aware of this, but a few of you are doing more damage than good at times. Be aware the enemy is watching and are ready to use anything you say against us all. I’m just a member here but I see comments that only make the group look like fools and ignorant.

And no one makes the group look more foolish and ignorant than its own leadership.

As the SHPG has announced that it has taken up the task of educating others, rest assured that as they mention various groups, there will be those who take it upon themselves to highlight the foolishness and ignorance of the Southern Heritage Preservation Group.  Such folks will never run out of evidence to support that proposition, because, after all, the SHPG is the gift that keeps on giving.