Connie Chastain Needs a History Lesson

You have to feel for poor old Connie Chastain.  It’s bad enough that she’s found herself in some hot water after her buddy Pat Hines, a fellow southern nationalist she’s defended before, says that it may be necessary to slaughter schoolchildren to achieve southern independence. But leave it to Connie to hold forth with her vast knowledge of American (and southern) history elsewhere this week on this website.

Here’s what Connie has to tell y’all:

This is remarkably ignorant, even for Connie.  First she tells us that the Confederacy ended slavery in 1864. Sure. Then she tells us that the United States ended it in 1868. Guess she doesn’t know about the Thirteenth Amendment, which was ratified in 1865.

Yes, I’ve heard all about how long slavery existed under the United States. Let’s stipulate for the moment that the United States began in 1788, although that’s really when the Constitution was ratified. Does she forget that between 1788 and the secession winter/spring of 1860-61 that those United States included her beloved South? Slavery evaporated through state action in Maryland and Missouri and by the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment in Kentucky and Delaware, the slave states that did not join the Confederacy.

I know, I know … it’s heritage, not history.

Perhaps the real problem is that Connie would like to attend this school … which I believe others have highlighted before.

Meanwhile, let’s continue to remember that Pat Hines is welcome at Connie Chastain’s “Backsass!”

A Note to My Readers

Last week, as you know, I reported on how Pat Hines spoke of violence against innocent children as a way to achieve his political objectives on the Facebook group “Backsass!” run by fellow southern nationalist Connie Chastain. Some readers followed my suggestion to report the threat to Facebook using their rather flawed system; others took the threats to the FBI.

For those who shared this information with the FBI, I thank you. For those of you who reported on Facebook’s failure to act (as well as those of you who shrugged that you did not do Facebook), I hope this is not the end of your concern about the issue. Facebook’s managed to make itself complicit in this matter, and its failure to act ought to be highlighted … and it is being highlighted as I type.

After several recent massacres at campuses and other public places in the United States, people raised questions about whether people knew about someone’s instability or whether the warning systems in place were sufficient. A lot of second-guessing went on. Here we have a case where a man who has spoken of acts of violence in the name of southern nationalism now speaks of murdering innocent children, and makes no apologies for it. Facebook refuses to reject such language. There’s time to do something about it.

What will you do?

For those of you without Facebook accounts, click here to file a complaint against this act. This may be helpful.

For those of you interested in contacting the Department of Homeland Security, click here.

Thanks again.

Connie Chastain Seeks to Evade the Question

Well, folks, I had no real interest in giving Connie Chastain any more attention on this blog, as some of you know.  Had it not been for southern nationalist Pat Hines’s threat of violence against children, I would have continued to honor that request.  But even in this case, Chastain does her best to try to change the issue.

Let’s see what she says on her FB group, shall we?

Yes, there was dead silence from other southern nationalists. You can interpret that as you wish. I saw no signs of support, and no signs of outrage … simply a comment from Hunter Wallace that this was “not wise.”

As some readers here know, not everyone subscribes to Facebook.  As some other readers know, it isn’t as if some Facebook postings have not magically disappeared once highlighted.  So set aside Chastain’s efforts to change the subject by attacking me, which seems to absorb a great deal of her time and energy. Just understand that she’s not talking about removing Hines from her group. Not at all. Apparently threats of violence against children don’t move her quite as much as she’s asserted.

Another Chastain diversion. Note she doesn’t say whether she’s reported Hines or not. Note that she won’t say it, either. But he’s still a member of her group.

Leave it to Connie Chastain to turn this matter into an attack upon the FBI as well as the readers of this blog.

Then came the additional response … from Pat Hines.

We know what Connie Chastain cares about … attention.

Be careful what you wish for.


Connie mocks my readers, but then suggests that one of them isn’t so dumb after all …

Now, if Connie really believed that (instead of inventing it), wouldn’t she be wise to say nothing as to keep Hines in the dark about her motives? Next she’ll tell you that she really has contacted authorities and is simply trying to fool Hines about that.

All I note is that she doesn’t call Pat Hines an enemy … so she really isn’t quite so moved about this issue, because otherwise she’d be an enemy of violence against children. This should play well when people inquire about Connie Chastain, author.

That said, let’s keep our eyes on the ball.  This isn’t about Connie Chastain … it’s about the threat posed by Pat Hines.  Yes, I note the failure of prominent southern nationalists to denounce such threats, and Connie’s still trying to turn this into some sort of flame war with her as the center of attention, but the main concern remains threats of violence against schoolchildren followed by Facebook’s failure to act against such threats.