Edgerton’s March

Get, ready, folks … H. K. Edgerton’s about to commence another march across the South, ten years after he first made the journey. Why?

We are in the middle of the hundred and fiftieth anniversary observance of the War Between the States and it is nothing but one big propaganda tirade against the Southland of America. The official party line is that the whole cause of the war was slavery and it either covers up or distorts the whole great story of how these two races really lived side by side. So I’m gonna tell the truth the way I did ten years ago, all the way across the South, one step at a time.

And there you have it. But wait, there’s more …

I bad need some new walking shoes, but good ones cost money. If anybody wants to help, they can go to Southern Heritage 411’s website, and God bless them.

Perhaps the “action group” of the gift that keeps on giving can pass the hat … and perhaps the Virginia Flaggers will donate something other than another picture of Susan Frise Hathaway holding a flag. … but don’t hold your breath.

2 thoughts on “Edgerton’s March

  1. Andy Hall October 14, 2012 / 7:56 pm

    Meanwhile, Edgerton, a decade older and mindful of the physical as well as the political obstacles he faces, is preparing himself for his “second coming.”

    I wonder how many good Christian Southrons will find that reference just a little blasphemous.

  2. Justin Poe October 16, 2012 / 6:22 am

    This is my first post here so what I’m gonna say is probably redundant X100 but how hard is it to see that the issue of the CW was states rights? But totally driven BY slavery….I mean today the issue could be health care, abortion, death penalty (not that I think any of those issues rise to the level of the injustice brought upon us by slavery) but the fact is, it was SLAVERY that drove the issue of the day.

    Well, there’s my first post….I heard about this blog on a CSPAN CW special a couple weeks ago.

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