If At First You Don’t Secede …

… or at least prove successful at it … try, try again.

So says this report from The Huffington Post. Other papers have also reported secession petitions going to the White House.

The White House requires a minimum of 150 signatures for a petition to be visible on the web site, and at least 25,000 signatures within a month of its filing date before it will be reviewed by the administration. Petitions that don’t meet that threshold are removed from the site.

Well, well, well … now here’s something the “action group” from the Southern Heritage Preservation Group should be able to get behind, since its membership is far above the 150 signature threshold needed to appear on the website.  I’d expect to see the Southern Nationalist Network do the same.  League of the South, wake up! Thomas DiLorenzo, here’s your chance!

Oh, by the way … you might think a bit before asking Pat Hines to join you. Given his position on what it might take to secure southern independence, you folks might find yourself in a bit of hot water.