A Question to Answer

Here comes an inquiry from a member of the gift that keeps on giving that I think is reasonable.  He says:

Here’s a question for you to ponder.
Have you ever wondered why the yankees/North/Federal Government or the reconstructed hate our banner?
Education?, fear, stupidity…or just the slavery issue?
I don’t think so. I believe that our Heritage and pride the South has in her past puts all those folks in an uneasy feeling that they just can’t explain.
Why is it if those people do not understand something or disagree with it, it’s racist?
Maybe they don’t know their own history! I know mine.

True, it’s posted in an echo chamber, and you would think that the poser of the question would offer it in a place where he might actually gather useful information. And it’s also true that in effect he poses the question because he wants to offer his own answer, although that means that he’s really answering the question “Why do I think those people hate that flag?”

I concede that the question assumes much that is not in evidence. But we work in an imperfect world. In any case, the floor is open.

It Takes All Kinds

Sometimes it pays to live rent free in someone else’s head, if only for the amusement value. Take the case of Mike Lamb:

Brooks Simpson is more than an antagonist, he is a perfect example of what the system is composed of and has become. He gets a nice big fat pay check and the government accolades for defending their usurpation of our Rights. While anyone can call themselves a historian or anything else they desire and they can get government approved papers stating such, that does not mean they are experts in their claimed field. Simpson is one such character that also perfectly shows this. He gets government sponsored trips to spread the government propaganda as well as invited to all sorts of government approved historical events all in order to build his name and character. All of which is done in order to further the governments propaganda in retaining the status quo. What we see is also another good example of how the government spends your tax dollars in order to keep you enslaved to the system by educating the public with their propaganda.

Really? Really?

While Simpson is a Marxist in his core beliefs, a revisionist historian, that doesn’t mean he can understand the history he claims to teach. Anyone can memorize names, dates, places, documents and events, but it takes another added dimension in understanding what all that means, putting things into perspective considering context and today’s society. Simpson fails miserably here all because he already has his mind predetermined and disposed to another whole philosophy that is opposed to that of the Classic Western Civilization. Of course his ideas originated from Classic Western Civilization, they are opposed to it. Simpson simply interprets history, revising it to make it fit the Marxist agenda, plain and simple, and he gets paid big money for it as well as gaining much acclaim.

I’d love to know what makes me a Marxist.  Heck, it would be interesting to see whether Mike Lamb understands what it means to be a Marxist. Then he can explain it to Michael Lucas.

One day I hope to corner this bully in front of a much larger audience and he WILL be mine! He doesn’t know history, but he does know plenty of stats and much about revising history to suit the Marxist agenda, which includes the government. What I do is out of love of my fellow man, doing what is right by them. What Simpson does is for the lust of money and power. One day Truth will once again reign over mite!

That opening sentence suggests just how twisted Mr. Lamb’s fantasy life has become. Ahem.  Right over “mite,” indeed.

It says something about Mr. Lamb’s approach that none other that the gift that keeps on giving decided to block his contributions. Apparently that makes it “PC” … but, then again, he thinks I’m a Marxist.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that … especially when Mr. Lamb doesn’t know what he’s talking about in the first place.