Here They Go Again

From the gift that keeps on giving

A poster sought to have a discussion concerning the following proposition: “Regardless of it’s level of involvement in the war, whether it was the primary cause as many believe, or just one issue of many, does that make slavery any less horrendous?”

The discussion that followed took a number of strange (but not unexpected) turns. However, a few observations stand out.

One … we’re all slaves today. Just ask John C. Hall, Jr.:

I am a slave one

For those with a taste for the ironic, Mr. Hall’s a CPA.

Two … the idea that slavery was/is bad is simply a matter of opinion:

slavery is good one

Apparently spelling is a matter of taste as well.

Third … slavery might just be a pretty good deal:

slavery is good two

And that’s exactly how it worked, right?

You can’t make this stuff up.