Down Goes the Old Gettysburg Cyclorama Building?

You can read the release here.

I recall visiting the Cyclorama building for the first time in 1967. At that point the Electric Map was still in private hands (as was a museum that looked as if you were walking through someone’s attic). One saw the Cyclorama, looked at dioramas of the Gordon-Barlow incident and Patrick O’Rorke (not Joshua Chamberlain) on Little Round Top, and then took a walking tour of the High Water Mark.

The building no longer serves those functions, and it’s become something of an eyesore in its present deteriorating condition now that the National Park Service has moved park headquarters to its present location. I hope that this finding paves the way for a final resolution of this matter.

The Ultimate Guide to the Presidents (The History Channel)

For those of you looking for a history show on The History Channel (or, as it is now known, simply¬†History), next week you’ll be treated to a multi-part series on the presidents of the United States.

It is far more important to note who will once again appear on your television screen:

Talking Head Two

This is a short post, because a picture’s worth a thousand words, or so they tell me.