Kudos to John Foskett

It is a testament to the diverse interests of the readers of this blog that I remind everyone that commenter John Foskett, who is presently watching a blizzard hit his beloved Boston, speculated some time ago about the possibility of Boston Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas being traded to the New York Islanders. That is exactly what happened yesterday, although, to be honest, this is a business move designed to enhance the ability of both the Bruins and the Islanders to operate under the restrictions of the NHL salary cap: it is unlikely that Thomas will ever suit up for the Islanders, meaning that he will play fewer games this lockout-shortened season than oft-injured Massachusetts native Rick DiPietro.

For John, this honor outstrips his previous distinction at Crossroads of being targeted by Confederate heritage fantasy camp blogger Connie Chastain. However, I will be even more impressed if he someday reports coming across fellow Boston lawyer Cheryl A. Waterhouse, who followed me by a year at Phillips Exeter Academy. That would make this a small world after all indeed.


One thought on “Kudos to John Foskett

  1. John Foskett February 11, 2013 / 7:28 am

    Having resurfaced from 36 hours of shoveling snow, travel bans, and a ppstponed Satirday game at TD Garden,.thank you very much, sir – although I must admit that the “prognostication” had a certain element of wishful thinking involved. (And we only get c. $3.5 off the cap at this point but that will be useful come the April deadline). The irony would be if Mr. Facebook emerges from his Colorado bunker next September and gives the Isles a Vezina-type season. Even if he does, I’m happy with our Finnish Future. I will keep an eye out for Ms. Waterhouse (the name rings a vague bell) – this is actually a surprisingly small town so it’s not out of the question.

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