The KKK versus the SCV in Memphis

It looks as if the Ku Klux Klan wants to protest the renaming of several parks in Memphis, especially one named after Nathan Bedford Forrest. The Sons of Confederate Veterans don’t want that to happen. Nevertheless, the KKK has appliedĀ for a permit to hold a protest March 30 (and some premature reports had declared that the permits had been granted by the mayor’s office). The mayor has not offered any opposition to a peaceful rally.


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14 thoughts on “The KKK versus the SCV in Memphis

  1. No worry the Communist party will show to counter-protest. And unlike the Klan, the Communists are respectable and completely harmless. BTW, I wonder how many Captain Obvious commentators will show up to tell that they really, really, really, hate the KKK?

  2. Isn’t the new KKK now? Re-branded? What kills me is their application has you affirm that you are a Christian. Not sure how many Christian churches are OK with being in the KKK now days.

  3. The KKK vs the SCV,thats a dust up I’d like to see..Something calling it’s self,the North & South Klan has been recruiting in my southern Ohio county.don’t know what to make of it,klan or clowns ?

  4. All bark and no bite. The real white terrorists meet in the back country, wear fatigues and carry assault rifles. The clowns that dress up and march, pose no threat, other than to the peace and quiet of Memphis.


  5. As I understand it, there’s no one group known as the Ku Klux Klan anymore, but rather a number of unrelated groups all claiming to be rightful heirs to the name. It’s not like anyone ever trademarked the name.


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