Keep Those Comments Coming!

As you might expect, I get a lot of comments. Most respond to a blog entry or someone else’s comments. Sometimes it’s not clear what the writer has in mind. And then, as you might suspect, there are lengthy missives from certain parties, filled with scorn for me (and many of you), bursting with indignation, and dripping with self-rectitude.

Now, if I simply wanted to attract more readers to the blog, I’d approve each and every one of these comments, if for no other reason tan to see the commenters in question double and triple their visits here to see what’s happening. We’d all have a good laugh at their expense, but we’d be giving these folks the attention they crave and are unable to secure in any other way. Over time, indeed, these rants have become so predictable (and some of them seem to have been lengthy labors of love) that the folks who compose them don’t seem to understand that I glance at them, see that it’s the same old same old, and consign them to the oblivion they so richly deserve. It isn’t even worth reading these rants, because this is how they sound to me:

Nor is there any reason to respond to these histrionics, because that would look something like this:

So why waste my time? It’s enough to know that they are wasting theirs.

So keep those comments coming!