Backstabbing and Spying Before Vicksburg

As you may have heard by now, the new issue of Civil War Monitor is available, and bloggers Ethan Rafuse, Kevin Levin, and Andy Hall have contributed articles. So have I … a little piece on what was going on some 150 years ago as Ulysses S. Grant struggled to keep his job so that he could do his job of taking Vicksburg. To access the piece, go here, and insert the following:

username: crossroads

password: cwmonitor44

Then go to the issue library, click on the current issue (which features a certain movie on its cover), click on the digital issue, and you are there. My piece begins on page 50. It will be available for viewing until March 9.

While you are there, you might also enjoy this book review. Indeed, you might also enjoy the whole journal.