Down Comes the Cyclorama Building

Next weekend I’ll have the chance to see for myself something that’s been a long time in coming: the demolition of the old Cyclorama building at Gettysburg NMP. You can read a report and see pictures of the event here.

I first entered the Cyclorama building with my parents and my sister in 1967. At that time, it was the NPS headquarters for the park: the Electric Map and the museum in which it was housed were still in private hands. It had a small souvenir store and various displays, but the major attraction, obviously, was the Cyclorama itself. To see firsthand a painting which one had seen elsewhere in print was literally breathtaking; afterwards, we walked the special High Water Mark trail (I still have the booklet), including the road loop that went around the Armistead marker near the Bloody Angle (you can still see traces of that road, especially from aerial shots).

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