Going, Going, Gone: The Old Cyclorama Building

Cyclorama 01 X

I came to Gettysburg this past week aware that the old Cyclorama Center was being demolished. On March 8, as the sun set, I came across the building, which was then in the shape shown above (the concourse to the south having already been reduced to rubble).

The next morning, as  we walked the field by the Peach Orchard, I looked northward to see this:

Cyclorama 02 X

The next day, the roof had started to give way, resulting in this:

Cyclorama 03 X

On the morning of March 11, I awoke to the incessant pounding of machinery doing its work. Crossing the field where North Carolinans charged on July 3, 1863, I could tell the building was fighting its last battle. Following a trip to the new museum, where my group and I were treated to an impressive tour of artifacts by two NPS employees, we grabbed a bite to eat before heading out to Little Round Top. It was from there, near General Warren, that I first saw that the old cyclorama building was now down.

Cyclorama X 04

I must admit that I was taken aback. Ever since my first visit to Gettysburg in 1967, I had looked northward from Little Round Top to see the off-white cylinder, and now it was gone.

Cyclorama X 05

And so it was.

Cyclorama X 06

We will never pass this way again.