Rubble at Gettysburg

I have already posted images of the old Cyclorama building being torn down, including the collapse of its roof on March 11. But, as they sometimes say, that’s not all.

Cyclorama 020 - Copy

By the morning of March 15 workers had done a good job of leveling off the rubble, although a solid base remained, as one could see here from the North Carolina monument. Shifting to the Virginia monument, the absence of the structure was even more striking:

Cyclorama 021

Then there was the view from the Longstreet tower:

Cyclorama 022

To many visitors, the absence of the building remains most noticeable when one looks north from Little Round Top:

cyclorama 024

One needed a zoom lens to see that destruction was still in progress.

cyclorama 025

Up close, from due west of the building, one saw that several machines were at work, even as the base remained defiant.

cyclorama 030

The work formed an odd contrast to Alexander Hays looking out at the Confederate attack.

cyclorama 032

By the morning of March 16, however, the work had progressed, leaving us with this scene.

cyclorama 040And that’s all she wrote.