An Expression of Total Indifference

Once more the activities of the “Virginia Flaggers” in protesting the refusal of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts’s decision not to fly a Confederate flag (which one has not been determined, but I guess that’s besides the point) outside the Confederate Memorial Chapel have drawn attention from several bloggers. Kevin Levin reflects on a visit to the chapel, while Corey Meyer offers a suggestion.

It is well to remember (and this has been pointed out before) that it was none other than the local chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans who agreed to the decision not to display a Confederate flag outside the chapel (there are flags inside the chapel). The issue of what is historically correct has been bounced back and forth enough times.

I’ve been intrigued by this debate for some time. I’m interested in who supports the “Flaggers” (whether the “Flaggers” want to admit it or not); I’ve relayed some of their exploits and setbacks; I’ve questioned their logic about “restore the honor,” when in fact, no one can take away whatever honor one wants to ascribe to Confederate veterans; I’ve highlighted their lack of success and support; and I reported how one of their number came to be arrested after months of “Flaggers” seeking to provoke a confrontation. ┬áMost important, however, I’ve asked “So what?” So what if the “Flaggers” prevailed in their efforts to have a Confederate flag flown outside the chapel? Who would really care?

Not me, for one.

The “Flaggers” will continue to put on a show for some time to come, although I note that they haven’t been to Appomattox in quite some time, and their efforts to boycott Lexington, Virginia haven’t achieved anything. No matter. These folks will find something else to complain about while claiming it’s all about Confederate pride. Let them march all they want. Let them continue to believe they are changing hearts and minds. Let them continue to present themselves as targets of ridicule. Let them continue to offer videos. Let them continue to get arrested. Oh, it may amuse me, but, as for what they do, that don’t impress me much.

Which reminds me of a song

A boy’s just gotta have fun.