George Gordon Meade’s Birther Controversy

I am sure that by now most people are simply fed up with the continuing debate about the citizenship status of various presidents and presidential hopefuls. Given that there were Republicans who pushed for changing these requirements so that Arnold Schwarzenegger might consider a run for the White House while the status of Republican hopeful Ted Cruz is questioned by some people who want to engage in tit-for-tat, one has to consider the contingent nature of such outrage.

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What’s Next for Tripp Lewis, Virginia Flagger?

As the Virginia Flaggers seek to recover from their recent humiliation (for example, Connie Chastain has increased her involvement by setting up a blog for the group), one name that hasn’t received much attention is Tripp Lewis. This amuses me, because Tripp loves publicity. For example, there is this film …

… which was shot by none other than Rob Walker, a featured player in the events of a few weeks ago.

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