We Get Mail …

The following appeared in my inbox, and, rather than limit my audience to the recipient, I offer his message here:

Dear Mr. Simpson: I enjoy your blogs about the civil war. I have a couple of questions to ponder. How come the founding father never put it in writing that no state or states could leave the union? I am the kind of person that likes things in writing, that way; no one can assume or dispute anything.  And it would have been funny to let the seceding states secede and then later they would have came back to join the union. And nothing against black people but would have happened had they all died on the long voyage to America?

How come the founding father(s) never put it in writing that no states could leave the Union? I don’t know. Besides, various founders disagreed over this issue, and it’s my opinion that we have to stick to the framers of the Constitution on this one. They didn’t approve of secession, but they did not reduce that position to print in the document itself (nor did they put in print a constitutional right of secession, either). Sometimes the Constitution’s silences are telling.

Everyone has a different sense of humor: I admit I never thought of the scenario suggested, so I would have had no reason to laugh.

I have no idea what the last question means.