Georgia On My Mind

I admit that I am not surprised that Bill Reilly of the Georgia Civil War Commission has yet to return to the comments section to answer the questions I posed to him. It’as safe to say, however, the at least some members of the commission are aware of what’s been said about their work over the past several days … including a decision by someone who administers the commission’s Facebook page to delete a link to Andy Hall’s fine discussion of Clark Lee, a person the commission features as a black Confederate soldier. With a little digging, you can find a link to Kevin Levin’s initial report of the commission’s activities.

The members of the commission are appointed by Georgia’s governor, lieutenant governor, and speaker of the Georgia house of representatives.  We’ve already highlighted their qualifications, and wondered about the absence of any historians from the state’s fine universities and other historical organizations.

Fortunately, there are other ways to make your voice heard. Here’s a link to the office of Georgia governor Nathan Deal. Here’s a link to contact the lieutenant governor, Casey Cagle. Want to sent a letter to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution? Sure.

I think the fine people of Georgia, their elected leaders, and the state’s most important newspaper deserve to hear what folks think of the performance of the Georgia Civil War Commission. People here say that it’s important what the public learns about American history. Here’s a chance to make good on that concern in a case where a commission established by the state discharges its responsibilities as it has.