More Whining From Certain White Southerners



At least the second one is funny.

Note: I’ve had two white southerners complain that folks like Cushman and Chastain don’t represent them. No one said they did. But C and C are white southerners (again, there are those who think there’s something in the water in Florida, and that it might affect other people as well).  I understand why sensible people might want to distance themselves from C and C.

It seems to me that those white southerners who claim that these folks don’t speak for them might make it clear to those folks directly.  It’s just as easy to comment on their websites as it is to comment on this blog. Just a thought.

17 thoughts on “More Whining From Certain White Southerners

  1. Pat Young June 22, 2013 / 10:27 pm

    Interesting that they emphasize “we are a band of brothers and native to the soil.” Apart from the silliness of a woman singing that, what happens to the immigrants when the gray states leave?

  2. Lyle Smith June 23, 2013 / 7:39 am

    More like white southern, white nationalist supremacist whining. Whatever they’re called is whining. White southerner is too big a bucket maybe.

    • Brooks D. Simpson June 23, 2013 / 8:08 am

      It’s (obviously) true that the folks highlighted recently on this blog aren’t representative of many white southerners, and for that we can all be thankful. That some of them claim to speak for the South and declare that they are defending southern heritage should concern those white southerners who know better.

      • Lyle Smith June 23, 2013 / 6:46 pm

        You might be right, but I’m not totally convinced I and others should be that concerned about these folks. What does it mean to be concerned? If it is my concern, what am I supposed to do exactly? And if I do do something will it accomplish anything?

        These folks are people tilting at windmills. Such people, in my opinion, are best ignored if all they’re doing is talking. Most importantly, especially thanks to historians like yourself, they are not winning very many followers.

        And if I and others look bad to some people because of these folks, well that just suggests that the folks who think badly of me are ignorant or something worse.


        • Brooks D. Simpson June 23, 2013 / 7:18 pm

          I think southern whites are understandably concerned about being stereotyped by others in was that reinforce some negative images of the region and the whites who reside in it. However, it takes no more time to protest the claim made by those people that they represent the real South than to query why the behavior is being highlighted. You were concerned enough to comment here, but it was a comment on the title.

          I don’t happen to think all white southerners are alike, but one hears enough ridicule of the region, and ironically the loudest protesters (as in “evilizing the South”) are the people whose behavior most clearly reinforces those negative stereotypes. I simply suggest that if other white southerners don’t say, “You don’t speak for me, and you are damaging the very heritage you claim to defend and espouse,” then you can’t get too upset if someone whose uninformed concludes that most white southerners are that way.

          I believe that people like Cushman and Chastain are a very small minority in more ways than one. If I really were intent on “evilizing white southerners,” I’d insist that they were representative. I don’t think my wife would like that. 🙂

          • Lyle Smith June 24, 2013 / 7:48 am

            I’ll think on it. However, although I disagree with these folks, I worry that if I go farther in protesting them I’ll be tilting at windmills myself.

          • Brooks D. Simpson June 24, 2013 / 8:33 am

            I understand. Sometimes I think the same thing myself.

  3. Betty Giragosian June 23, 2013 / 8:40 am

    What have I missed? I saw no subject–sounds unsavory. Please do not say ‘white southerner.’ That is way too big a bucket. I am that, and certainly do not consider myself a whining white nationalist or one the the southern heritage groups.

    • Brooks D. Simpson June 23, 2013 / 8:47 am

      Here’s the thing, Betty … these people do claim to speak for you. They consider themselves to be the true defenders of southern heritage. You get offended at my title … but I ask why you don’t tell them that you are offended by them, and that they should understand that they don’t speak for you?

  4. Betty Giragosian June 23, 2013 / 8:45 am

    Ooooops–Now I know –I clicked on ‘really.” Twice.

  5. Tony June 23, 2013 / 4:48 pm

    My grandfather was a Southern Nationalist, and he was not prejudiced at all; he hated all other peoples equally.

  6. Betty Giragosian June 23, 2013 / 5:30 pm

    Brooks, YOUR title did not offend me. It intrigued me. I wil have to see what I can do. Maybe post something for the public. I have not watched that first video. I plan to. Can’t be much worse than some of the stuff I read on certai sites.

  7. thefreerev June 24, 2013 / 1:01 pm

    I am not happy about having to watch a cartoon of such poor quality….

    • Xavier June 26, 2013 / 1:39 pm

      I thaught dem Southrons was mer clever den us at evarathing!

    • Xavier June 26, 2013 / 1:45 pm

      You should see the cartoon pride graphic on the SNN front page, in the lower right hand column. It’s an MS Paint masterpiece! Depicting an animal not at all native to the southeastern US, acting in the hillbilly roles waving the crossed-bars-and-stars, drawn in 4th grader style.

  8. Talmadge Walker June 25, 2013 / 9:52 am

    My Grandma was a big Asa Carter fan, but she grew out of it.

  9. Xavier June 26, 2013 / 1:56 pm

    According to the SNN website they want rule by “natural elites”, i.e. the old Southern aristocracy. The natural order, not the imposed abomination of the current US governments and our Constitution (Southern Nationalists have actually said James Madison is a traitor). Equal protections, and all. Gone. Well, I believe that we’ll see progress for Sic Semper Tyrannus when they do accomplish it and then rise progressively straight down into something like a Colombian dictatorship.

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