The Great Jeopardy Saga

By now you may have heard about what happened on Jeopardy recently, although I won’t blame you if you are blissfully ignorant of this little affair (I became aware of it when someone posted about it to a discussion group I helped moderate). Let’s roll the video first:

Great news for Skyler Hornbeck, no? He has every right to be proud.

Well, let’s roll the complete video of the contestants as they responded in “Final Jeopardy”:

The young fellow who stumbled with the misspelling, Thomas Hurley III, is angry. He thinks he was cheated, as he explained to a hometown paper.

Maybe. But Thomas seemed doomed to take second place anyway, regardless of how he spelled “emancipation.” Maybe if he had stumbled over “sesquicentennial,” more people would feel bad for him.

However, this segment may suggest that Alex Trebek had it in for Thomas … and for a good reason:

Shuli Jones of Toronto, Canada, took third place quietly. It doesn’t seem fair that she had to deal with an American History question, although she studied up on it.

I think the kids gave it their best. Not like this fellow:

UPDATE: The usual Lincoln expert chimes in.

Another Really Big Confederate Battle Flag

I know who will just love this announcement. And so do you.

VF CBFRob Walker will be making a documentary film of the flagpole’s construction, right? Will it look like a cattle prod? Topped with sun glasses to honor Tripp Lewis?

Now you, too, have an opportunity to give something back to the gift that keeps on giving. That’s because, compared to other auto dealership-size flags, the Virginia Flaggers’ efforts seem a tad modest. Come on, folks … think big … REALLY BIG!

Show that Confederate pride as only you can. And please surround the flagpole with video cameras that will show us “threats” to the flag suitable for You Tube posting.