Popular Response: The Virginia Flaggers and Their (Proposed) New Flag

The comments section here and here and here provide information … and entertainment.

It’s a cross-section of Civil War memory.

UPDATE: And here. And here. And here. And here. And here (with video).

Still no word on whether Rob Walker will stand guard over the new flagpole, waving his taser, while Tripp Lewis cheers him on.

A Documentary History of Reconstruction

As you may know, I have been part of a team working with the Library of America to produce a documentary history of the American Civil War in four volumes. Three volumes have appeared, with a fourth on its way (it will appear next year).

My attention is turning to Reconstruction. Currently I have several projects that I have to address, but I’m wondering that a documentary history of Reconstruction would look like (and I’ve sampled what’s out there) and what documents I should consider to include. Any ideas?  Thanks.