The Gift That Keeps On Giving Strikes Again

It was only a matter of time.

As you might expect, the folks at the Southern Heritage Preservation Group have plenty to say about the Virginia Flaggers’ proposal to erect a flagpole to fly the Confederate Battle Flag along I-95 south of Richmond. But it turned ugly on Friday.

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August 9, 1863

Today, 150 years ago, Abraham Lincoln sat for a photographer at Alexander Gardner’s Washington studio. At one point he tried to strike an informal pose.

AL 8963

The president’s private secretary, John Hay, accompanied the president to the studio on this pleasant Sunday, and reported that his boss “was in very good spirits. He thinks that the rebel power is at last beginning to disintegrate [and] that they will break to pieces if we only stand firm now.” The key, he believed, was the Confederate military. “If that were crushed the people would be ready to swing back to their own bearings.”

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