The Stupidity of Russell Simmons

Sometimes you read something that really makes you wonder how people think. Such was the case when I heard that Russell Simmons thought it would be a clever idea to put up a video featuring Harriet Tubman … in a sex tape. It did not take long for Simmons to understand that people viewed this as outrageous, and he pulled the video. A public apology followed.

No word yet on whether Carl Roden will follow in Simmoons’s footsteps with his adult fan fiction involving characters from Nickelodeon’s Hey Arnold. Cheer up, Carl: Connie Chastain supports your endeavors. Perhaps she’ll even write a book portraying Arnold as the victim of a false accusation.

Have the Virginia Flaggers Overreached?

It’s been a little over two weeks since the Virginia Flaggers announced their intention to erect a flagpole south of Richmond along Interstate 95 for the purpose of displaying the Confederate navy jack. A petition opposing the proposal is nearing 10,000 signatures. There’s been ample news coverage and editorial commentary, and the Flaggers have not fared all that well. That said, there is nothing to suggest that these protests have had any impact on the Flaggers’ determination to forge ahead, and opponents of the proposal concede that the Flaggers are well within their rights to proceed (although Flaggers whine about free speech, people are not contesting their right to do as they plan; rather, the Flaggers and their supporters simply want to forbid criticism … suggesting they want free speech, but only for themselves).

Nevertheless, even if the Flaggers prevail, this may be a pyrrhic victory.

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