The Fantasy World of Flagger Supporters

Here’s a sample of some of the comments responding to a story in the Richmond Times-Dispatch about the growing controversy over the plan of the Virginia Flaggers to raise a Confederate navy jack along I-95 south of Richmond:

Who are YOU to criticize the decisions of sons and grandsons of Revolutionary patriots who had built a New World out of NOTHING in the wilderness, the riches of which were envied by the North that wished to control it?

I believe that slaves had something to do with this, especially in the land south of the Potomac River. Then again, perhaps that’s why the Confederates wanted to protect slavery … because they knew that southern whites couldn’t do this on their own.

Before the South’s Subjugation we were a nation of Liberty …

Just ask Frederick Douglass.

The South seceded because they didn’t want stupid people looking to take from them telling them what they had to do.

After all, white southerners had been doing that for decades before secession, so they knew what it meant. See the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850. See the Gag Rule.

You see, … to people not brainwashed by revisionist, race-baiting exploitation of the subject of slavery, we understand how slavery is not necessarily race-based, nor a legal institution, nor meant to be permanent, nor limited to the South.

It just happened to be that way in the South in 1860.

This is most distressing. This conflict brings up the twin myths, first that there was a civil war, and also that it was over slavery. These two things just are not so.

At least this is the case in the alternative universe populated by Confederate Romantics.

The Confederate cause was resisting tyranny to do anything, and resist having one’s wealth (am not talking slavery) stolen from them and one’s land invaded.

Slaveholders resisting tyranny (because they wanted to continue practicing it) were certainly resisting having their wealth taken away … and they knew that the greatest wealth in property was in slaves.

You show your ignorance of the men and women of the South, who worked and shared constantly on the topic of how best to improve the status and welfare of the slaves. There were MANY programs tried – and with such good results, there were NO slave uprisings even with the men away at War. Further, the stories of slaves and free blacks who supported their families (yes, their families) are some of the most touching episodes.

Which is, of course, why the Confederate government treated black Union POWs as slaves conducting an insurrection and decreed that their white officers would be executed for that very reason. Slaves were so happy, I guess, that one is hard-pressed to explain why white southerners were so insistent about the Fugitive Slave Law. And, of course, things were so good between southern whites and blacks during the war that one wonders what happened during Reconstruction.

Yet there were MANY black Confederates at war with their masters and fighting alongside them, and tending the homesteads. Black men, free AND slave (for slaves often earned their own money) bought CSA bonds. The fact that the FACTS aren’t often discussed, and we are instead always presented with the lurid abolitionist tales as facts for all, detail not only that truth is being propagandized, but also that those who do not discuss things fairly are presenting their opinions as something to reason from. The very fact that those who pretend to be FOR good racial relations keep lying about things tells me all I need to know.

And just how did the Reconstruction KKK reward all these loyal black people? I guess white supremacist terrorism was all for the promotion of good race relations … as a white supremacist would define them.

It is a disgrace that a community action – the erection of this glorious monument – calls forth the “news” as presented.

Oh goodness … a “community action.” Right.

Many men fought but Lincoln offered slaves freedom which led to the Emancipation Proclamation. So much changed 147 years ago and many are trying hard to bring those days back. A flag was a symbol of a nation and the Confederate Flag is the symbol of a Confederate nation that was formed by immigrants from England and other countries that watched the South grow to be the richest in the World. As even Jackson said it was God who gave whites the slave to each as those blacks as the white man is superior to that dark race. Many said the slave was happy to serve and were taken care of for their work. For some nothing has changed in 147 years and the struggle to change history continues. But it is history and we learn from it but we can’t change it as it is to late.

How’s your headache from reading that? But at least the fellow’s honest: he wants to roll back the clock to when there was slavery, because he believes slavery was a good thing. I bet he’s not black.

That’s right to you its all about slavery. Well look at the facts 1. Blacks sold Blacks into slavery. 2. Whites were also enslaved but sold to different countries. 3. The slave trade was ran by the Muslims. 4. Since Blacks from Africa sold Blacks why do Blacks like the term African American. 6. These facts can be backed up can you offer a case against it based on fact, or are you only gone to show ignorance by bitching as a answer?

No hate or bigotry there.

Confederate flags and symbols appeared for decades with no hate and divisiveness in the vast majority of people. It is only in the last 30 years, since the war began to grind away all traces of the Confederacy from the Southern landscape, that divisiveness has occurred.


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