Flags Across Virginia

As this radio report reveals, the Virginia Flaggers now believe that their project to erect a flag pole south of Richmond along I-95 to fly the Confederate navy jack will be but the first of several such flags across the Old Dominion.

It’s another Flaggers tumble, because what was once simply a Richmond issue is now a Virginia issue. You would think that they would get one flag up first. Watch as opposition builds.

Meanwhile, we can now add death threats to vandalism and terrorism.


Connie Chastain Is Right

I bet you never thought you would see that post heading.

Over at her little blog, which Connie has rendered as “Backsass” and “Backass” (the second rendering coming in her frequent visits to the comments section of various articles last week), she has a practice of writing lengthy, long-winded posts about people she does not like, and, as you might imagine, I’m a special target. Some people who have discovered her blog have circulated it widely to those people who want a better understanding of the person who manages the blog of the Virginia Flaggers, and, to channel Kevin Levin, I couldn’t be more pleased at the response. Sometimes you have to see something to believe it.

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