To Be or Not To Be: Connie Chastain and the Virginia Flaggers

Connie Chastain has declared that she’s not a Virginia Flagger.


After all, she’s managed (and helped create) the Virginia Flaggers’ blog. Even after her declaration, she was still posting material there.

One also notices that she’s still declaring that white supremacist Matthew Heimbach’s not a Virginia Flagger. How would she know, if she isn’t a Flagger? Here I take Susan Hathaway’s willingness to claim Matthew Heimbach as a Flagger to heart. She’s a Flagger, so she ought to know.

Indeed, for someone who claims she’s not a Flagger and neither is Heimbach, it now appears that Chastain’s willing to admit to more than a single instance of contact between Heimbach and the Flaggers. In a recent comment on another blog she admitted that Heimbach attended  “two or three” Flagger events. So someone claiming she’s not a Flagger knows who attends multiple Flagger events. We’ll overlook her previous claim that Heimbach attended only one event.

Here again I trust Susan Hathaway, who claims Heimbach as a fellow Flagger.

Of course, Hathaway also accepts Chastain as a spokesperson, having proclaimed that she leaves the “heavy hitting” to her spokesperson. 

Is Connie Chastain calling Susan Hathaway a liar? I hope not.

Of course, Chastain also announced the following on September 3:

So I’m going to try  … TRY … to scale back on defense and counter-attack in my writings when they involve critics and attackers targeting the Virginia Flaggers. 

After the appearance of that statement on September 3 to today, September 6, she’s posted four more times attacking people who deplore the associations between white supremacists and the Virginia Flaggers.

Meanwhile, she continued to remain silent when it comes to responding to calls to repudiate Matthew Heimbach’s views. 

I guess for once she decided not to lie.