Susan Hathaway’s Silence Explained

sfhThose people who have followed the exploits of the Virginia Flaggers notice that someone who craves attention is presently silent, indeed invisible: none other than the leader of the Virginia Flaggers, Susan Hathaway. Why is this?

Well, there is a very plausible reason.

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is currently embarking on a plan to renovate Robinson House, a building on its grounds, into a regional visitor’s center. The building dates from before the American Civil War: from 1885 through 1940 it served as the Robert E. Lee Camp for Confederate Veterans. It even exhibited Stonewall Jackson’s horse, Little Sorrel, until the horse was moved to VMI in 1948. The house is but a short walk from the Confederate War Memorial Chapel

The VMFA chose a distinguished Richmond-based architectural firm to manage the renovation.

Guess who works for that distinguished Richmond-based architectural firm?

One can imagine the issues involved in having an employee of a company picket the institution the company’s been hired to assist.  As for myself, I think Susan has a right to her own opinion and a right to express it without fear of retaliation. Maybe she’ll explain why she’s not exercising those rights.

So now you know why she’s been very quiet.

Note: the name of the firm is not important (and it’s not a secret). What is important is to offer an explanation as to why Susan Hathaway’s been silent … and she doesn’t deny it. I guess “restore the honor” has its limits.