Guess Who’s Been Invited to the Flaggers’ Picnic? Matthew Heimbach!

While Susan Hathaway broke her silence this week in a fumbling and dishonest effort to portray herself as the innocent victim of a cruel act, she remained silent when it came to explaining why she has disappeared from the front lines of flagging at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and when it came to disavowing white supremacist Matthew Heimbach as a Flagger. She’s attempted to leave that effort to Flagger spokesperson Connie Chastain, who’s been ranting for weeks now that the Flaggers have nothing to do with Heimbach … oh, they had a little to do with Heimbach … oh, he was at “two or three” of their functions … but the person who occasionally claims that she’s not a Flagger herself is sure that’s all it’s been, and that it’s all in the past.

Blogger Al Mackey has noticed Hathaway’s silence when it comes to Heimbach.

My own interpretation is that anyone who admires white supremacist terrorist Nathan Bedford Forrest as much as Susan does would not find Matthew Heimbach all that objectionable. She might not only march with him and commemorate his accomplishments, but she might also go so far as to invite him to a picnic.

Heimbach picnic

And there you have it … evidence that the relationship continues. The Flaggers would like Matthew Heimbach to come join them in celebrating the erection of that flag on i-95 as part of the Flaggers’ second annual picnic later this month.

And why not? After all, Matthew Heimbach’s a Virginia Flagger in good standing.