Just One More Week …

… aren’t y’all excited?

Well, some people aren’t.

Here we have a city spiked by monuments and perforated by plaques honoring “the glorious dead,” and we have museums and hallowed halls where the proper obeisance may be made to these memories. We are often smothered, at times almost to immobilizing constriction, in the gelatinous embrace of ghosts from that belligerent era. The vicinity’s fields, no less than our psychology, remain torn apart by the conflict. How will this abrupt appearance of a massive Confederate banner be useful to us as a community working to get past an inheritance of rancor and division? 

There are even design critics:

The stars are not laid out properly in the blue bars. They’re supposed to be spaced evenly, not empty space, cluster of three stars, small space, one star. Idiots don’t even know how to be good racists!

(Note–Another comment says: This group, without permission, assembled on the steps of the Capitol. When they began to sing and draw attention to themselves, they were forced to leave. By publishing the picture, and initiating all the comments, they have gotten what they craved the most – attention. Was the singing that bad?)

Some commentary is rather pointed.

“We just wanted to make sure that everyone remembered there was a Confederacy, and that they lost,” said Richmond Flagger Clarence Higgins. “Some of my family fought and died in that war, and it’s important to remember they were fighting to keep slavery legal. We should never be allowed to forget our ancestral shame.”

See what happens when Susan Hathaway’s too afraid to talk?

And, finally, Kevin Levin weighs in, and makes someone in Florida very upset.

Oh, the thrill of it all!


4 thoughts on “Just One More Week …

  1. Michael Confoy September 21, 2013 / 12:34 am

    I not sure those quotes from newslo are real, but they sure are funny.

  2. Billy Bearden September 21, 2013 / 6:53 am

    To the design critic:
    It is a reproduction of the 3rd Bunting Issue.

    • Tony September 21, 2013 / 2:27 pm

      No it’s not. On the third bunting edition, the stars were evenly spaced, and the flag was square, not rectangular.

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