The Sunday Question: What Would You Build in Confederate Heritage Disneyland?

We’ve known for some time that when it comes to Confederate heritage, it’s all too often not history, but heritage. Indeed, I’ve seen some bizarre claims and leaps of logic from the very people who think it is a very good idea to have a somewhat off version of the Army of Northern Virginia’s battle flag fly from a pole that’s too short for the size banner being flown (the pole should be closer to 75 feet than 50 feet for a 15′ x 15′ flag, but that would have forced the Flaggers to seek a permit. As it is, when the flag is simply hanging there, the bottom edge will be a little less than 30 feet from the ground.)

But, since we are going to have One Flag Over I-95, I thought we’d have Six Flags Over Confederate Heritage (after all, the Confederates had more than enough flags to do this … perhaps they would have fared better had they spent more time waging war and less time designing flag after flag after flag).

So … what rides would you suggest? Perhaps you can spark a Flagger’s imagination!

(And yes, we know what someone from the state that brings us Disney World and Universal Studios at Orlando will have to say about all this … Kevin, your run will be a short one.)