The Klan at Gettysburg, 2013 (or not …)

One week after this:

flag in the woods 10
The Virginia Flaggers celebrate Confederate heritage as only they can.

there were plans to treat us to something at Gettysburg that looked a bit like this:

A previous KKK rally at Gettysburg.
A previous KKK rally at Gettysburg.

This interview sounds some refrains familiar to those of us who have followed the events of the past several months.

Here’s some local reaction.

Now for the good news.

So the shutdown has a bright side after all.

One of the great things about free speech is that everyone gets to exercise it.

Of course, any group committed to making sure that Confederate symbols would not be misused by hate groups would have been outraged by the KKK’s use of this symbol, driven to Gettysburg, and flagged the event, right?

Oh, wait … would they have to pick up Matthew Heimbach on the way?

I guess we’ll never know.