Photoshopping Flagger Fantasies

Sometimes, when things don’t go quite as you thought they would …

flag in the woods 10


… there’s always Photoshop, right?

Here are three examples posted by a particularly frustrated Flagger:

Flagger Photoshop


Good idea to make it bigger and brighter, don’t you think?

But you might also want to make it taller:

Photoshop two


… much, much taller.

And then there’s the problem of all those trees …

Photoshop ThreeMind you, this would move the flag pole right into the southbound lanes of I-95, and it tends to conflict with the second image.

Besides, all of this is unnecessary, according to the man who worked long and hard to put up this flag pole:

Jennings the fool


Someone point out to old Grayson that the leaves come back in the spring. But we are glad to hear that the soldiers can see it … kinda. As to which soldiers, well, Grayson can’t explain everything.

Some things never change. After all, you couldn’t see the flag in question before September 28, and it’s a good question as to whether you can see it now … or for how long.