The Southern Heritage Preservation Group Strikes Back

You knew it had to happen … you just didn’t know how.

In the wake of The Ineptitude Along I-95, courtesy of those fumbling Virginia Flaggers, I decided that they had wrested away the title of The Gift That Keeps On Giving from our long-time favorite repository of heritage farce and incompetence, the Southern Heritage Preservation Group. This was not simply a way to recognize how the Flaggers had gone above and beyond our expectations by erecting their little flag in the woods: it was also a tribute to the efforts of the SHPG to extract itself from the mire that it had once basked in.

Z twoTo be sure, there have been moments where it has slipped back, and it’s hard to take seriously a call for respecting Confederate heritage from a man who proudly shares a picture of himself embracing some poor excuse for a Confederate superhero, but on the whole one could be pleased with the progress the group has made in many areas. Indeed, its moderate and reasonable course in some instances has drawn fire from several Confederate heritage advocates who deplore the discussion of any fact that might damage their lily-white fantasy of the wonders of the Confederate experience.

But one had cause to ponder exactly how long that would last. After all, expectations of competence might just set too high a standard for the group in light of its long history of getting things flat wrong and of the tendency of some prominent posters to plagiarize freely.

In other words … when would Gary Adams strike again?

Those folks will not be disappointed by this report, in which we have two statements, one plagiarized, one out of context, merged together to form a manufactured quote about the sesquicentennial from author James Baldwin, who died the year before the 125th anniversary of Gettysburg (1987 for those of you who find those calculations too challenging).

Now, you may say that this is too good to be true, but those of us who know better wonder whether this backsliding will continue. Don’t worry, for the moment the title of The Gift That Keeps On Giving remains securely in the hands of the Virginia Flaggers (there’s always more where that came from … just ask Susan Hathaway about the VMFA and the Robinson House) … but perhaps the playoffs aren’t too far off.

At least the SHPG has the good sense to stay away from Matthew Heimbach.


One thought on “The Southern Heritage Preservation Group Strikes Back

  1. Michael Confoy October 6, 2013 / 9:57 pm

    Gary Adams needs to plagiarize better looking attire. Nice shorts. Why do I keep thinking the flaggers need Viagra when I read your quote “erecting their little flag”?

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