Oops … The Flaggers Did It Again

Several weeks ago Al Mackey posed the following inquiry about the Virginia Flaggers’ little flag pole project:

… one wonders if they’ve complied with all the requirements of Chesterfield County.  For example, did they obtain a land disturbance permit from the county?

This inflamed Connie Chastain, who went after Al in characteristically bitter fashion. She assured everyone that Grayson Jennings knew what he was doing, given his business experience.

You can’t find Connie’s post now. Why? (Thanks to Al Mackey for locating the quote and the post).

As Connie put it:

Mackey’s list of Virginia land-use requirements takes the cake, though. You don’t start, build and own a successful specialized construction business in Virginia — as one of the Flaggers has done — without knowing the law, ya know?  

Really? I’m not so sure. Perhaps that’s because of  this:

“We then sent it to a second address we found, but by that time they had already erected [the pole] without a permit,” Kappel explained. “The folks who erected the flagpole did some research, they looked online, and they didn’t think they needed a permit. The language, to a layman, may be somewhat misleading.”

Kappel said the county has “determined that they made an honest effort” to meet county requirements. “We are working with the group to have them obtain the necessary permits and to determine that the pole meets the requirements for safety and so on.”

In short, Jennings was sloppy if not simply incompetent.  Perhaps he didn’t know what he was doing. And he may have more to deal with than the local authorities in Chesterfield.

The rest of the article demonstrates that at best Barry Isenhour’s rather creative with the truth. It also reveals what some of us knew before: that people had already located where the flag pole was located before the grand unveiling.

So … Jennings is incompetent, Chastain’s a fool, and Isenhour’s full of it. And Susan Hathaway’s silent. Anyone ask her about the Robinson House lately?

It also appears that Chastain has an interest in popular music. Here’s a little number for Tripp Lewis and her. Nice outfit, Connie! At least it’s Confederate gray and what might pass for butternut.

UPDATE: As one might have predicted, Connie went nuts again in a rather feeble effort to reply to this post, because she finds it too hard to say that she was wrong. But she was, and no amount of ranting will change that, ya know?