There He Goes Again … But He’ll Be Right Back

There’s a fellow who goes by the name of “Battalion” in one discussion group and “Border Ruffian” in the comments section of several blogs, including this one. He’s prone to make claims that all too often he can’t support (although there are exceptions that make the rule all the more glaring). He disappears when challenged (thus perhaps we should just call him BR/B, as in “brb” for “be right back”). Clearly he doesn’t want to reveal his name.

Recently in the comments section of Andy Hall’s Dead Confederates BR/B made the following assertion in an effort to defend the denigration of United States veterans:

How many times have I seen members of the Simpson/Levin/Hall camp refer to the Confederates of the 1860s as “terrorists.” And how many times have I seen them refer to Confederate heritage groups as “Nazis,” the “Taliban,” etc.

Well, BR/B, please cite a single time when I’ve done this.

We’ll see whether he’s just a coward, a liar, or both … but this is the state of Confederate heritage in some places.